Back Story

It has been a year since Edar survived the tragic disasters brought on by demons from the Abyss. Many died from these times and the world is still very much recovering. Most of the towns have been rebuilt thanks to the Verse and families have been mostly reunited. Some still where never found and some places where far too damaged to be rebuilt.

Since this time Darastrix has taken responsibility for their actions with the incident and the people of Maren have come to realize Darastrix’s political power in their own government. Darastrix tries to keep things underwrape, but the reality that portals to other plans had opened in Maren was apparent. Vers has been sending his top students from the Magi Academy to close them and to most anyone’s knowledge they seemed to have gotten all of them. But the issue of portals was not just in Maren, but everywhere. The Magi academy is currently working in other countries as well to try to close gates. It is looking like it will be done within the next year except for Praetoria. Because of how week Praetoria’s lands are to outer plane influence, when the disasters hit it went back to the old days. Everything they built was destroyed. Slowly they are trying to pick back up, but they have a lot of rebuilding to do. Not even the Magi Academy or Verse wants to help with how dangerous it is there now.

Rumors and stories began before and during the time of the disasters. Stories found their way into children books. The most popular that even many adults bought into, was the legend of the ‘Sultana Lorit’. The legend goes that during the time when the disasters had just started happening and portals started opening, one portal in particular was opened to a magical labyrinth. Within the labyrinth held amazing sights, power, and wealth. The problem was it also obtained an amazing amount of danger. No one really knows where this story started, but many adventures believe in the myth. Vers looked into this when they began closing the portals and made it public knowledge that the labyrinth did not exist, but that did not stop adventurers from still hunting for it. No one ever found it as far as anyone can tell. There are some reports about missing people who were last seen looking for it. Some believe they found it and just never made it out or they found it and died within.

Our adventures have all been wanting to find such a thing for various reasons. As a side quest though they have each been told that a man named Bruce, who is Mayor of Town Hall, is hiring adventures for a very specific quest that he will reveal on a named date to those willing to take it on. Since this is also a great place for news and is the only city with all three newspaper companies, this could also be a great place to figure out where they should start their search for the ‘Sultana Lorit’, and who knows maybe they could work together. In addition though there are rumors that Bruce knows where the Labyrinth is.

Back Story

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