The Sultana Lorit

Finding The Sultana Lorit

It took around a week to get to the coast of Meran and then a day to find a captain willing to take them. Laeria went to accomplish the task of finding someone and found only one ship with a very peculiar captain named Managan who was willing for a very hefty price. During this time Edgir went around trying to distract himself from hunger. You see, he spent the rest of his money on a ring of sustenance that hadn’t kicked in yet. So a garbage can sandwhich was starting to look pretty good. And because not even two of them stayed together (surprise surprise), Bill went to find a mercenary willing to go into the Labyrinth with him to have his back in case things got really bad.

Eventually Laeria came back to the town and found the two of them (although this did take her while since they didn’t set a meet up time or even picked a place to to stay together). When finding out that Edgir was flat broke they agreed to cover his part until he could pay them back and to get him some dinner.

The next day they began sail to Praetoria. It took about a week or so to get there, but they ran into no hardships until they where within only a few hours of Praetoria. A hurricane hit and even with all of their efforts they only barely made it. The ship however was in bad shape. Managan tried to act like the ship was worth more then it was to get them to pay for more of the damages then was actually caused, but they saw right through that. After sorting out what they owed him and getting reinsurance that he would be coming back for them when their adventure was over, they began their journey into the rainforests of Praetoria.

The beach was blood red with bodys decorating it every so many feet. Dark clouds hung over the rain forest. When getting close to they quickly noticed the rain hurt as it was acid rain. They all came up with ideas as to how to protect themselves and eventually they came to realize that the forest itself had immunity to acid (no wounder it was still in tact). after realizing this Bill quickly made a suit to wear made from the leaves of the forest. Edgir was already using a giant leaf as an umbrella.

With the compass only half working, it made it difficult to find the town that laid somewhere in these trees. After two full days of walking they finally made came. Telling night from day took effort since the sun never shines here.

A group of thieves found them and decided to try and take their things. Too bad for them Bill is very good with his perception. The three made quick work of the thieves, but as thieves are, they ran as soon as they realized they couldn’t win. Thinking that maybe they knew where the town was or might had been from the town they tracked them down and managed to get their revenge by taking all down but one. They also found a pretty awesome staff that these thieves had on them.



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