The Sultana Lorit

Bruce's Task


Edgir, Gaurd (Bill), and Laeria come from very different backgrounds and hardly have a thing in common except that they all want to find the The Sultana Lorit, and of course they all have different reasons for that as well. They left what they knew as home to begin a journey; each completely alone; to find it.

The myth of The Sultana Lorit dates back years ago to before the time Praetoria was a police country. The Labyrinth was said to be a simple fairy tale and no one thought much of it in the many years Praetoria was a police country. That was until the disasters started. The disasters hit everywhere pretty hard. Many died and to top all of the destruction from the disasters themselves, there where portal gates opening up everywhere to other planes bringing many deadly things through them. Praetoria was hit the hardest due to it already being aligned with one particular plane containing the chaos gods. It was hard enough for them to keep those portals close, but now with everything from the disasters and all of these new portals opening, the task of keeping the police country strong was far too difficult and they fell to complete chaos once again. That was when the tale of The Sultana Lorit arose once again, but now there are many who actually believe in the legend and the tale has found it’s way to Marren where our adventures sleep.

Hearing the stories the three decided to set off to find it. A rumor arose in Marren that Bruce; Mayor of town hall; knew the location. There was hardly any evidence for this, but with nothing else to go on other then it’s somewhere in Praetoria, they went to talk to him. This is where they finally meet.

Bruce had a post up that said he was looking for adventurers. They ran into each other by the post in the tavern. Not knowing they all wanted the same thing, they headed off to talk to him. The task was to go into the forest that had previously been swarming with undead and go to an underground cavern. There they where to find what was keeping Bruce from being able to have his men clear the forest completely of the dead.

They accepted this task, but only with the promise that Bruce would tell them what he knows about the Labyrinth. He would not do such a thing until they swore that whatever they find within they would not use to harm Edar. This might seem gullible for him to trust them at their word, but Bruce has his ways, don’t you worry about that. The answers being, world hunger, keeping evil asleep, and finding a lost sister, bruce gave his word. Edgir then added they he wanted cake as well with his payment. Bruce just gave him the cake not really sure why he wanted it.

They fought off the zombies within the cavern and an Intellect Devourer (although it was really the cavern starting to cave in that killed it). Past that they found a pedestal with a piece of rock in it. They destroyed the pedestal and took the rock that seemed to be powering it. After finishing all of that they returned to Town hall. Orion was getting ready to go take care of the same issue they just got done with when they ran into each other. The Captain was furious at Bruce for not trusting that he could handle it and rushed off to give him a lecture. Of course that did nothing. Once the Captain left the three adventures were asked to come in. As promised he told them what he knew. The Sultana Lorit is near a town called Grashinton which is in Praetoria (surprise surprise). The only one who knows the exact location is a man named Tipip. He lives in the town. Laeria then requested that Bruce write a note and sign it saying that he gives his blessing so that Tipip would talk to them. He did so, but made them aware that Tipip does what he wants and this may not mean a thing to him. She still wanted it just incase.

As a bonus Bruce gave them each a pass for all you can eat at the Sallington tavern for one night and 1,000 gold each to help them make it to Praetoria. After some stuffed their face and others did research on Praetoria it became time for them to decide if they wanted to travel together. Seeing how this would be a dangerous task to do by oneself, they chose to in hopes that they might survive. Of course first they needed to name Guard since that is his race and not his name. Edgir named him Bill



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